My dad had seen a lot of people who played guitar and stuff who didn’t work. So, he said “You should make up your mind about either being an eletrician or playing guitar.” He said “I never saw a guitar player that was worth a damn.”


Elvis on Tour, 1972


Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds [Live at Madison Square Garden]

Back in June 1972, Elvis Presley played four hotly anticipated shows at Madison Square Garden. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the concerts, RCA/Legacy is releasing Prince From Another Planet: 40th Anniversary Edition on November 13th, including two CDs and a DVD.

In this clip from Prince, previously unseen fan-filmed footage of Elvis performing “Suspicious Minds” gives a different sheen to the massive gigs, documenting the experience as from a fan’s direct perspective. Elvis shakes, rattles and rolls through his 1969 Mark James-penned hit, and of course, his sparkly blue outfit looks as good as ever. RollingStone.

Press conference at Madison Square Garden on June 9, 1972. Photographed by David Gahr.

Midnight show, Las Vegas, August 5th 1972.

Midnight show, Las Vegas, August 5th 1972.

Elvis on Tour, 1972.


This girl is like the biggest gpoy ever


Madison Square Garden Press Conference - June 9, 1972

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